No need to travel

Distance learning does not require commuting to campus. At the same time, distance learners can take virtual trips to museums, geographical locations, planetariums, and other places.

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Flexibility & Accessibility

Many highly motivated and self-disciplined learners prefer distance educational programmes. They are well-organised and maintain their performance in the virtual setting.

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Save time and money

Distance education saves you precious time and money. You do not need to be concerned about the travel time or expenses to attend the classes.

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Don't Miss a ThingWhy Distance Education?


A Performance of 100%

Who cannot attend offline classroom-based programmes.


Distance education

Today, several learners like to achieve educational qualifications.



With the interactive tools, learners can increase their engagement level.


Accessible to almost any one

Accessible to those living with disability or geographic constraints


Course materials and tuition

May be lower as well since there are fewer overhead costs involved



Distance Education programmes that serve their academic needs

What We DoOur Services

Welcome to Board of School Education Hubli, Karnataka

The Board of School Education Hubli, Karnataka is registered and recognised by Govt. of Karnataka. To offer specialized services to the government and other agencies in the field of education, in general, and school education, in particular, for the development and growth of school education system and develop proper curriculum for vocational and enduring education to prepare student population for the world of work.

Board of School Education Hubli, Karnataka is envisaged as a comprehensive instructional release institution that offered the autonomy to students to get education without the bottleneck of attending daily classes. We have succeeded in creating a education program as a planned extended learning endeavour. BSEH has gained an expertise in delivering instructional possessions and thereby providing opportunities to students located away from the organization.

We have expanded our education program in India.With comprehensive online solutions for the students; our axiom is to help everyone in need of quality education in all corners of the world. The remarkable contribution of BSEH in the field of education has been to achieve Discipline and quality of education which is the backbone of BSEH.

The Nationality policy on Education suggested intensification of BSEH for extending learning facilities in a phased manner at High School & Intermediate levels all over the country and abroad as an independent system with its own curriculum and examination leading to awarding of certificates.

What makes BSEH a convenient and viable approach towards education is that student's get the facility of online admission and their enrollment number is given right way. Moreover, the online study material is provided in different languages as per the subjects opted by the students or their preference. We also provide online verification of the results of the pass out students.

Our visualization of providing education to school students in India and students or working talented abroad has taken shape by way of the extension of instructional delivery facilities In India and abroad. These educational facilities are intended to target specific needs of students all over the world.

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Free Education for SC & STs

Board of School Education Hubli, Karnataka provides free education up to secondary/ senior secondary level, especially to the children belonging to Scheduled Tribes. It was observed that there was an urgent need to reach the STs, socially and educationally disadvantaged classes and other culturally, economically, geographically weaker sections of the society in the State of Karnataka

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Secondary level (Class X)

in the secondary/high school certificate (Class X) course those who have completed 14 years of age as on 1st August of the year in which admission is sought for on the basis of and declaration to the effect that the candidate has studied enough to be able to pursue secondary certificate course.

Senior Secondary level (Class XII)

in the senior secondary / intermediate certificate course those who have completed 16 years of age as on 1st August of the year in which admission is sought for after qualifying in the entrance test prescribed to pursue senior/ higher secondary courses.

Dual Enrollment & Part Admission

Under this provision, if you are studying in a regular school, or have already passed Secondary/ Senior Secondary examination or any other higher education from any recognized Board, you may opt for up to four subjects of your choice, to update knowledge and educational qualifications. However, on passing, only the Mark sheet will be issued and no other certificate will be issued.

Validity of the Academic Certificates

Certificates, Diplomas, Vocational Certificates or other academic distinctions awarded by the Board stand automatically recognized for the purpose of employment for post and service under the State Government provided it has been awarded as per the Statutes and Regulations of the Board.

Secondary, Senior Secondary Certificates, or other academic distinctions awarded by the Board shall be recognized for the purpose of further education in other State Secondary / Senior Secondary Boards or Universities and higher learning Institutes, provided it has been awarded as per the Statutes and Regulations of the Board.

Vocational Education Courses and Skill Development Initiatives in Karnataka

Workshop on Skill Development & Vocational Training Initiatives in Karnataka by BSEH

Solutions for Open Schools

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